Sunday, April 15, 2012

Closing Shop For Now.

The road is long, and fraught with peril. For various reasons, Anubis Unit has to dissolve for now.

Perhaps for a little bit of time, perhaps forever...who knows what the future holds, y'know?

Still, the current incarnation of Anubis Unit wishes to convey our collective thanks to all of you here and at Youtube, all of you who've supported us and gave us your feedback, your fandom, and...well, not to sound redundant, but your support above all. We got as far as we could thus far, and who knows what lies in wait for the future.

It was fun, definitely for us and hopefully for you too.

You can still view our live gig video and other selections over at, and once the mixes are done we'll be leaving you with some slick new versions of the original four-set from the Five Moves of Doom demo attempt.

By all means keep Legion HQ! on your blog roll. If we should reform, we'll be back to reclaim all of you proto-Legionnaires and to once again lead you against the forces of Satanus and the Corporate Machine.

Until next time, warriors.

Stay hard,

Anubis Unit


  1. Oh... That's too bad. Looking forward to the day you'll reunite again. :)

    1. These things happen, m'man. One way or another, we'll continue on though!

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  3. Shame man, i checked out your youtube video it was pretty awesome