Saturday, February 18, 2012

By the order of the Prophet of Anubis Unit

From the journal of Thomas Duder, Second Prophet of Anubis Unit:

Hello my friends, my quaint acquaintances
Beyond space and time, through certain circumstances
Have I been brought before you, a strange orator
To be your guide, your sherpa, your bitter narrator.

I am without wit and guile, yet this mission stands
I must make and do, with my own two hands
And though I may jest in secret cavalier
I must now take on the mantle of sommelier

Pouring libations of word and rhyme
And most importantly, fucking up some of the time
And so through this blog I bid thee good journey
But pay heed, take note of this incoming warning

Spoilers and secrets, lyrics and prose
For out of the space of the Internets arose
This blight on civilization begins with a verse
To some a spell, to some a prayer, to others a curse:


Powers of shadow, darkness and light
Within me these things burn and twist
Combine and refract within holy fire
O Chosen Ones, heed this call.

Through my gypsy's blood I weave
To this world of order, bring forth the Metal
Angels and Demons bow and take heed
These Forces of Nature I call.

Unquenchable and unstoppable
Your hunger will sunder the world
Chaos and Order, Legion's might
The Majesty of Metal I call

Through Fate's black hand the die has been cast
This world out of balance, destined to fall
Through the flimsy gateways of Life and Death
Anubis Unit, heed my call.


Without an ounce of hesitation
Nor a moments pause in my recitation
Do I now bid thee all a good night
And see for yourself of a war's first light.


~Thomas Duder, Second Prophet of Anubis Unit

tl;dr - lol I'm the guy who tends to their blog.