Sunday, April 15, 2012

Closing Shop For Now.

The road is long, and fraught with peril. For various reasons, Anubis Unit has to dissolve for now.

Perhaps for a little bit of time, perhaps forever...who knows what the future holds, y'know?

Still, the current incarnation of Anubis Unit wishes to convey our collective thanks to all of you here and at Youtube, all of you who've supported us and gave us your feedback, your fandom, and...well, not to sound redundant, but your support above all. We got as far as we could thus far, and who knows what lies in wait for the future.

It was fun, definitely for us and hopefully for you too.

You can still view our live gig video and other selections over at, and once the mixes are done we'll be leaving you with some slick new versions of the original four-set from the Five Moves of Doom demo attempt.

By all means keep Legion HQ! on your blog roll. If we should reform, we'll be back to reclaim all of you proto-Legionnaires and to once again lead you against the forces of Satanus and the Corporate Machine.

Until next time, warriors.

Stay hard,

Anubis Unit

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Process of Transforming A Song

This is how we work together on a song. Just a little insight for our fans, y'know?

Lyrics can be found over at The Pen Is My Sword:

New stuff from Practice

Technically this was from last week, but we discovered why it took so long to snag - apparently the guitarist's internet sucks THAT badly. Not even jokin'.

Avocado (Orange Remix)

Monday, February 20, 2012

About ThatBastard

About ThatBastard

-Is broke as a joke and does shit for free to get my name out. LOL.
-Has issues with not being in a relationship.
-Has watched Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon, as well as Bad Boys 1 and 2, way too motherfucking much.
-Curses too goddamn much.
-Won't curse around his parents, your parents, or little kids. Racism too.
-Has more porn than normal society believes is okay.
-Is an alpha male, top dominant sadist, and really REALLY wants to hurt you.
-Is overly aggressive and talks a ton of shit.
-Backs up that shit talkin'.
-Is part tentacle monster. From his fathers' side of the family.
-Has six blogs.
-Has tons of stuff, but has never been published.
-Hasn't finished a single project since fucking 2002.
-Is so broke he can't even afford to get back into college. Lol.
-Could really use a degree or something in order to get a good writing job.
-Can type at 80 WPM avg, and 10-key's at 100 KPM. Yet he's intimidating, so no clerical jorbs for him.
-Is currently the head blogger for Anubis Unit, free of charge. Lol.
-Is an aspiring voice actor and has recently begun to do sound bytes. Also a vocalist.
-Can be found at these locations:

TWITTER: @ThatBastardFB
FACEBOOK: : /ThatBastardFromBellingham (
GOOGLES+: ThomasDuder

Contact Us


Want us to play for YOUR event? Want to schedule a gig? Want us to join your tour? Want to join OUR tour?

Hit us up at and let's chat, yes?

Further contact information will be posted as we establish it~!

About Us

A band.

Two words, yet there's worlds of meaning behind those two words.

Heavy Metal, Punk, and good ol' Hard Rock. We're seeking spread our messages through music and live stage antics, but above all we want to have fun, rock hard, and just make music.

We've got a stable of 30+ song lyrics, and the perserverance and drive to make them happen.

One way or another, we're going to DO this damn thing. Maybe we'll succeed, maybe we won't.

But no matter what, we pledge to never sell out (by OUR definition of sellin' out, mind ya - don't ever expect to hear a pop song from us. Ever.) and never be anything other than honestly who and what we are.

Maybe you like us 'cuz of the lore and overarching storyline? Maybe you like us for the music you've heard thus far? Maybe you like us 'cuz you've read the lyrics and want to see how we'll make 'em happen? Maybe you like us 'cuz you agree with the basic messages found within our songs?

To us, it doesn't matter. We're here for you, and ourselves.

We're here to give you a choice.

It's up to you to choose now. To keep the mask on or to tear it off, bearing the pain and seeing clearly.

All that matters to us is that you choose.

For the past year now, we've gone through some serious changes and location problems, but nevertheless we're here. We're going to take that dream one way or another and make it real, and we invite you guys to come along for the ride and witness it. We're at the basement level looking up, and it's going to be one helluva bloody climb to get up to the top.

But no one will EVER say we didn't try. No one will EVER say all we did was lay down and bare throat, just submit to the whims of the Corporate Machine and naysayers alike.

And that, my friends, is something that will never change. Come success or failure, come scandal or bad publicity, that'll never change.


The Anubis Unit Team and Friends

Anubis Unit: Cast of Characters

Work in Progress, comin' soon.

Work in Progress, comin' soon.

Work in Progress, comin' soon.

Work in Progress, comin' soon.

Work in Progress, comin' soon.

Work in Progress, comin' soon.

Work in Progress, comin' soon.

Work in Progress, comin' soon.

Work in Progress, comin' soon.

The Sounds of Anubis Unit

Current songs UP! Raw cut, gotta dig that shit.

That's The Sound My Balls Make

1200 Lbs of Penis


Steak and Eggs (The Warmup Song)

New practice recordings up soon~! Gotta love camera technology.

Anubis Unit: The Lineup


Style: Vocalist, Grappling, Freestyle Vocal Explosions, The Sounder, Blast Vocals
Favored Attack: Zero-Range Cat Screech, The Pen Is My Sword, multiple contracted summonings, the Black Blade

Bio: Intense, charismatic, and talks more than anyone you've ever known. Once known as "The Mad Penman" for having written the lyrics to the infamous Exorcismus Errata, a song for banishing lower to mid-level demons and malicious entities.

Is currently helping to secure the foundation for the Legion, the community of warriors who support Anubis Unit.

A truly negative force who seeks to bring, as he puts it, "Death and destruction, to this world and the other!"


Style: Drums, Backup Vocals, Yoga, Freestyle Striking, Shock Rolling
Favored Attacks: Percussive Wave Blast, ANIMAL BEAT TRANCE, Regurgitation

Bio: A young man who may or may not be something beyond human. Extraordinarily talented on the drums, The Regurgitator is the backbone of the band. Sensitive, caring and free-spirited he nevertheless turns into a FUCKKILLDESTROYMURDERMACHINE once he gets on the drummers' stool.

Extremely likeable, positive, and somewhat gregarious he can be cheerful and outgoing yet at times betrays a deep, dark streak of sinister motives. Despite that, he's very much the balancing positive energy to J's absolute negativity and pessimism.

Supports the Legion and has joined Anubis Unit because, as he says, "This world is out of balance. It's up to us to FIND that balance!"

Style: Guitar, Inspired Improvisation, Bridge Buster, Evolved Shred
Favored Attacks: Hard Beat, D-String Shredder, Soul Puppeteer, Play It Hard, Reel In And Slam, Wire Slam

Bio: In the Beginning, the Serpent tricked Adam and Eve into believing that Autotune is a perfectly acceptable medium of music.  Unbeknownst to Andyconda, this particular Serpent had been hypnotized to become a sleeper cell agent by Satanus to spread forth the word of the Corporate Machine.

Since then, Andyconda has harbored a deep, deep hatred of Satanus, immediately joining Anubis Unit the moment Regurgitator asked him to.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

By the order of the Prophet of Anubis Unit

From the journal of Thomas Duder, Second Prophet of Anubis Unit:

Hello my friends, my quaint acquaintances
Beyond space and time, through certain circumstances
Have I been brought before you, a strange orator
To be your guide, your sherpa, your bitter narrator.

I am without wit and guile, yet this mission stands
I must make and do, with my own two hands
And though I may jest in secret cavalier
I must now take on the mantle of sommelier

Pouring libations of word and rhyme
And most importantly, fucking up some of the time
And so through this blog I bid thee good journey
But pay heed, take note of this incoming warning

Spoilers and secrets, lyrics and prose
For out of the space of the Internets arose
This blight on civilization begins with a verse
To some a spell, to some a prayer, to others a curse:


Powers of shadow, darkness and light
Within me these things burn and twist
Combine and refract within holy fire
O Chosen Ones, heed this call.

Through my gypsy's blood I weave
To this world of order, bring forth the Metal
Angels and Demons bow and take heed
These Forces of Nature I call.

Unquenchable and unstoppable
Your hunger will sunder the world
Chaos and Order, Legion's might
The Majesty of Metal I call

Through Fate's black hand the die has been cast
This world out of balance, destined to fall
Through the flimsy gateways of Life and Death
Anubis Unit, heed my call.


Without an ounce of hesitation
Nor a moments pause in my recitation
Do I now bid thee all a good night
And see for yourself of a war's first light.


~Thomas Duder, Second Prophet of Anubis Unit

tl;dr - lol I'm the guy who tends to their blog.