Monday, February 20, 2012

About Us

A band.

Two words, yet there's worlds of meaning behind those two words.

Heavy Metal, Punk, and good ol' Hard Rock. We're seeking spread our messages through music and live stage antics, but above all we want to have fun, rock hard, and just make music.

We've got a stable of 30+ song lyrics, and the perserverance and drive to make them happen.

One way or another, we're going to DO this damn thing. Maybe we'll succeed, maybe we won't.

But no matter what, we pledge to never sell out (by OUR definition of sellin' out, mind ya - don't ever expect to hear a pop song from us. Ever.) and never be anything other than honestly who and what we are.

Maybe you like us 'cuz of the lore and overarching storyline? Maybe you like us for the music you've heard thus far? Maybe you like us 'cuz you've read the lyrics and want to see how we'll make 'em happen? Maybe you like us 'cuz you agree with the basic messages found within our songs?

To us, it doesn't matter. We're here for you, and ourselves.

We're here to give you a choice.

It's up to you to choose now. To keep the mask on or to tear it off, bearing the pain and seeing clearly.

All that matters to us is that you choose.

For the past year now, we've gone through some serious changes and location problems, but nevertheless we're here. We're going to take that dream one way or another and make it real, and we invite you guys to come along for the ride and witness it. We're at the basement level looking up, and it's going to be one helluva bloody climb to get up to the top.

But no one will EVER say we didn't try. No one will EVER say all we did was lay down and bare throat, just submit to the whims of the Corporate Machine and naysayers alike.

And that, my friends, is something that will never change. Come success or failure, come scandal or bad publicity, that'll never change.


The Anubis Unit Team and Friends

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