Monday, February 20, 2012

Anubis Unit: The Lineup


Style: Vocalist, Grappling, Freestyle Vocal Explosions, The Sounder, Blast Vocals
Favored Attack: Zero-Range Cat Screech, The Pen Is My Sword, multiple contracted summonings, the Black Blade

Bio: Intense, charismatic, and talks more than anyone you've ever known. Once known as "The Mad Penman" for having written the lyrics to the infamous Exorcismus Errata, a song for banishing lower to mid-level demons and malicious entities.

Is currently helping to secure the foundation for the Legion, the community of warriors who support Anubis Unit.

A truly negative force who seeks to bring, as he puts it, "Death and destruction, to this world and the other!"


Style: Drums, Backup Vocals, Yoga, Freestyle Striking, Shock Rolling
Favored Attacks: Percussive Wave Blast, ANIMAL BEAT TRANCE, Regurgitation

Bio: A young man who may or may not be something beyond human. Extraordinarily talented on the drums, The Regurgitator is the backbone of the band. Sensitive, caring and free-spirited he nevertheless turns into a FUCKKILLDESTROYMURDERMACHINE once he gets on the drummers' stool.

Extremely likeable, positive, and somewhat gregarious he can be cheerful and outgoing yet at times betrays a deep, dark streak of sinister motives. Despite that, he's very much the balancing positive energy to J's absolute negativity and pessimism.

Supports the Legion and has joined Anubis Unit because, as he says, "This world is out of balance. It's up to us to FIND that balance!"

Style: Guitar, Inspired Improvisation, Bridge Buster, Evolved Shred
Favored Attacks: Hard Beat, D-String Shredder, Soul Puppeteer, Play It Hard, Reel In And Slam, Wire Slam

Bio: In the Beginning, the Serpent tricked Adam and Eve into believing that Autotune is a perfectly acceptable medium of music.  Unbeknownst to Andyconda, this particular Serpent had been hypnotized to become a sleeper cell agent by Satanus to spread forth the word of the Corporate Machine.

Since then, Andyconda has harbored a deep, deep hatred of Satanus, immediately joining Anubis Unit the moment Regurgitator asked him to.


  1. I'm diggin the names and descriptions. Dude, I have a Kaos logo ready for you at the graphics tab. If you like it, grab it. If you don't, tell me what to change.

    1. SNAGGED!

      Thanks bro, once I'm able to think clearly I'll be able to add it to the freshly-adjusted KAOS blog. With full credit to you, naturally~!

      And thanks, yeah. Anubis Unit actually has an expansive backstory and storyline written by yours truly, an experience that will be available with each album, the websites, and any other media we can translate it well to.

      There is a beginning, and an end. I THINK we're at the beginning, yeah.

      So I do hope that as we dole out tidbits of the story, and update the character list and such, that it'll continue to be entertaining.

      'Cuz hell, even with my music I come at it from a writers' point of view, as well as a vocalists'.

      Here's to a good year of training, gigging, and touring to come!