About Thomas Duder

About ThatBastard

-Is broke as a joke and does shit for free to get my name out. LOL.
-Has issues with not being in a relationship.
-Has watched Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon, as well as Bad Boys 1 and 2, way too motherfucking much.
-Curses too goddamn much.
-Won't curse around his parents, your parents, or little kids. Racism too.
-Has more porn than normal society believes is okay.
-Is an alpha male, top dominant sadist, and really REALLY wants to hurt you.
-Is overly aggressive and talks a ton of shit.
-Backs up that shit talkin'.
-Is part tentacle monster. From his fathers' side of the family.
-Has six blogs.
-Has tons of stuff, but has never been published.
-Hasn't finished a single project since fucking 2002.
-Is so broke he can't even afford to get back into college. Lol.
-Could really use a degree or something in order to get a good writing job.
-Can type at 80 WPM avg, and 10-key's at 100 KPM. Yet he's intimidating, so no clerical jorbs for him.
-Is currently the head blogger for Anubis Unit, free of charge. Lol.
-Is an aspiring voice actor and has recently begun to do sound bytes. Also a vocalist.
-Can be found at these locations:

THE PEN IS MY SWORD: http://www.thepenismysword.com
TWITTER: @ThatBastardFB
FACEBOOK: : /ThatBastardFromBellingham (thatbastardfb@gmail.com)
GOOGLES+: ThomasDuder
CHAT: http://www.shittychat.com
EMAIL: thatbastardfb@gmail.com

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